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Inclement Weather information

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Dear WK Jackson Leadership Academy Families,


As seasons change and we anticipate the chance for winter weather and dangerous road conditions, we want to make sure you are aware of our Winter Weather Plan.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I know if my our is closed or shortening hours due to bad weather?

We will communicate through:

·         Phone, Email, and Text – through School messenger

·         News Media: All news stations  

·         Social Media: Facebook if available /Flyers and Announcements


How soon will we be notified?

We will notify you no later than 5:30 am when school is closed. Whenever possible we will do this much sooner, unfortunately, we are not always able to let everyone know before going to bed. If we do let you know the night before, but conditions improve, no takebacks and no regrets. Enjoy the day off!


What about Late Starts or Early Dismissals?

Oklahoma’s weather has a long history of unpredictable changes. In rare cases, we may need to start late or close early ahead of incoming weather. Occasionally we may have a normal school day but need to postpone or cancel after-school events. We will let you know about these in the same way as closings.


When is the temperature too low for school?

There is no specific temperature that guarantees school closing. Wind chill, precipitation, and even overcast conditions factor into this.


How do road conditions affect closing?

Please understand that road conditions can vary from one end of town to another. Safety comes first, so if we are in session and conditions are less than perfect, please factor this in by giving yourself extra time and being prepared. Use good judgment. If you feel conditions warrant staying off the road, then please contact the principal quickly.


Rest assured, student and staff safety are always on our mind when watching Oklahoma’s weather. Stay safe this winter season and keep informed!




WK Jackson Faculty and Staff   -

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To Support Continued Student Learning and Engagement…. Assignments will be sent home.


  • When Inclement Weather is forecasted, and school is canceled all students will receive a packet of grade level work and supplies.


  • Student Packets should be returned to the teacher for a grade.


  • Reading Logs will be included in each packet.


  • If Students do a special project please send to school so students can share it with their class.


  • Teachers can be reached by email from 11- 2 pm  during school hours if school is closed on a school day, for questions on an assignment reach out to  the assigned teacher or  Ms. Winston or Dr. Anderson .

Teacher emails:

Mrs. Lee – PreK –

Ms.  Turner/Ms. Traylor- Pre-K–

Mrs. Woods – K –

Ms. Clark – K –

Ms. Way – 1st Grade –

Ms. Homsey-2nd Grade-

Ms. Winston – Instructional Coach –

Superintendent – Dr. G. Anderson –

Please be aware that any missed days may be added at the end of the school year as students are required to attend school 180 days.  ….Stay Warm!