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About Us

Our Mission

The W.K. Jackson Leadership Academy seeks to provide all scholars a free high-quality, disciplined, instructional blended educational opportunity where every scholar will have value, educational practices will be true, ideas will be new and honor and respect will be in full view.

We will offer each scholar an equal opportunity to reach his/her highest potential academically, organically, emotionally, culturally and socially, so that each may become successful and impactful contributors to a global society.

High Five Elements

Creating a culture of high academic expectations and cultural value.

Core Foundation
Building a strong academic foundation in science, technology, reading, engineering, and math.

Acknowledge and celebrate creativity and innovation.

Structured Environment
Adhere to structured, rigorous curriculum and environment.

Community and Family Involvement. Family and community engagement contributes to positive scholar outcomes.


Office: (405) 242-5317


    5700 N. Kelley Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73111